2013 - 2014 St.Martin's Church Blessing/Symbolic Ceremony Only



Ceremony details:

St.Martin's Church is a new great addition to ceremony venues at PragueWeddings.com. We have added this church for several reasons. Its a lovely little church with very friendly staff and also very reasonable fees. We really like the setup, also the fact that after the ceremony its possible to arrange small refreshment

Venue History & Information

St. Martin Church was built in 1178 – 1187 in the settlement Ujezd, which extended then in this area. The original Romanesque church had one nave, which has been preserved in the present nave with many architectonic Romanesque elements. Interior of the church was probably decorated with Romanesque wall paintings.

After 1350, during the reign of Charles IV, the church underwent the Gothic reconstruction. The nave was elevated and newly vaulted and on the south-west corner there was a rectangular wall built and constructing a presbyterium with a square base enlarged the whole church. Between 1360 and 1370 the presbyterium got a groined vault which is said to be one of the oldest of this kind in our lands.

The church gained its present shape in the late Gothic reconstruction. This went on gradually and was finished in 1488, stimulated and sponsored by the utraquist bourgeois Holec family from Kvetnice.

The St. Martin in the Wall Church burned down in 1678; the upper part of the tower was rebuilt after the fire. In 1779 there has been another major reconstruction, the Baroque portal on the north side (to the street). Shortly after that, in 1784, the church was made void and was turned into a warehouse, flats and shops. In 1904 the Prague municipality bought the church and in 1905–6 reconstructed it according to the plans of Kamil Hilbert. At that time there were Neo-Renaissance gables added to the tower which already bore the coat of arms of the Old Town.