Dear Bride and Groom,

...It's my pleasure to introduce our new web site to you. This is our 4th release since 1998, which shows how important the initial communication with the bride and groom truly is for us. Working with a dynamic website that can change with each client, allows us to constantly upgrade our quality of service to exceed the satisfaction of the next client. This, in turn, reflects our relentless pursuit of excellence when handling each wedding, regardless of the size or time involved.

With quality through personal touch as our main focal point, we use only the very best of the local service industry to customize your wedding event. Years of trials and tribulations have enabled us to find the most reliable and professional caterers and hotels in all of Prague. We hold these vendors to their word, and constantly educate them on the growing standard of quality we expect them to provide; as they too will be representatives of We also are capable of offering this level of service to you at fairly reasonable costs due to our established working relationships with these very same vendors.

With regards to your wedding event, every detail and touch matters so much to us as they truly contribute to your satisfaction of your wedding day as a whole. Our coordinators are present at every part of your wedding event to ensure nothing will stop your Big Day from being anything short of simply unforgettable. Our website is no different, and is the first step in "making the dream come true" for our couples. We hope that our site will show you the dedication to excellence, as well as the team approach we take to ensure every client will receive service well beyond their expectations.

I hope you can take away a little bit of the passion our team has for their job of "making dreams come true." I would like to invite you to explore our website and see the entire spectrum of service we can offer you in the "City of 100 Spires."

Martin Dobes